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Urgent Care textbook editors, Lee A. Resnick, M.D., FAAFP and John Shufeldt, M.D, JD, FACEP have collaborated to fill an ever growing need in urgent care: To create educational materials with the highest relevancy, utility, and credibility. In the Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine, chapters are organized by sympton and are designed for easy access in the clinical setting in both lightweight print and eBook formats. Each chapter is authored by a leading urgent care physician in their areas of expertise. The Textbok of Urgent Care Management is a business guide for urgent care center owners, managers and investers on how to most effectively operate an urgent care facility. This text covers everything from starting, and running, to selling your walk-in clinic. Both books are applicable to providers (MD, DO, NP & PA) and operators who own or work in an urgent care center, (also known as immediate care or walk-in care clinic) or a family medicine practice which provide after-hours walk-in services.

The Instutute of Urgent Care Medicine, founded by Dr. Resnick, is also a contributor to the materials offered by Urgent Care Education. The two online continuing education programs, The Core Content in Urgent Care Medicine and the Core Content in Urgent Care Nursing and Medical Assisting are accredited by their respective organizations and embedded with all the latest guidelines where relevant. They were developed specifically for the standardized training and continuing education of healthcare professionals in urgent care medicine. In each program, emphasis is placed on evaluation and management, diagnostics, clinical decision-making and disposition management for common urgent care presentations. Additional emphasis is placed on applying evidence based medicine, and established "best practices" as well as being alert to the potentially dangerous or life-threatening signs symptoms of common presenting problems.