Bundled- (eBook + Book) Management, Textbook of Urgent Care

Bundled- (eBook + Book) Management, Textbook of Urgent Care

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A quintessential guide to starting, operating and selling your urgent care clinic, edited by John Shufeldt, and authored by leaders in the Urgent Care Industry. From site selection and creating a business plan to malpractice insurance, health plan contracting and marketing, the textbook covers all activities integral to all facets of urgent care delivery.

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The Textbook of Urgent Care Management Bundle Package includes:

A 6 x 9" paperback, formatted specifically for portability and ease of reference in a clinical setting.

An eBook download card, downloadable online, directly to any eReader device. This format offers navigational advantages such as search capabilities and click-to-page feature. Your eBook can go wherever you go on any device (smartphone, tablet, eReader) compatible with an eReader application (kindle, iBooks, etc.)

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The book features 47 chapters and 625 pages of information of the highest utility and relevancy

About The Textbook of Urgent Care Management

• A quintessential guide to starting, operating and selling your urgent care clinic

• The chapters are organized by activities integral to all facets of urgent care delivery.

• Use to further “diagnose” problems, create solutions and measure outcomes

• Includes “10 KeyPoints” per chapter, with highlights the most critical components to remember

Table of Contents



1 Introduction to Urgent Care Management • John Shufeldt

2 Developing the Business Plan • John Shufeldt

3 Site Selection • Mike Zelnik and Jim Garrett

4 Building Out Your Urgent Care Center • Tracy Altemus

5 Design of the Floor Plan in an Urgent Care Center • Rajiv Kapadia

6 Business Formation and Entity Structuring • Adam Winger

7 Exit Transactions: The Process of Selling an Urgent Care Company • Adam Winger

8 Corporate Practice of Medicine and Other Legal Impediments to Nonphysician Ownership • Adam Winger

9 Insurance Requirements for the Urgent Care Center • David Wood

10 Equipment and Supply Vendor Selection • Sybil Yeaman

11 Urgent Care Accreditation • Michael Kulczycki, Laurel Stoimenoff, and John Shufeldt

12 Pro Forma Financial Statements: Creating Income, Balance Sheet, and Cash-Flow Forecasts • Glenn Dean

13 Financial Management: Internal Control, Performance Measurement, and Evaluation • Glenn Dean

14 Physician Leadership • DeVry C. Anderson

15 Human Resources Overview: Key Labor and Employment Issues • Laura Schiesl

16 Urgent Care Duties, Staffing Mix, and Ratios • John Shufeldt

17 Physician Extenders in the Urgent Care Center • John Shufeldt and Adam Winger

18 Provider Compensation • John Shufeldt

19 Hiring and Managing Medical Providers • John Shufeldt

20 Strategic Talent Management: Talent Makes All the Difference • Marty Martin

21 Employment Contracts and Compensation • Adam Winger

22 Health Plan Contracting • Sybil Yeaman

23 Choosing the Electronic Health Record • John Shufeldt

24 Revenue Cycle Management and Partnership • Sybil Yeaman

25 Marketing Overview • Megan Lamy

26 Consumer Engagement Using Social Media • Lisa Cintron

27 Public Relations: A Tool for Success • Erin Terjesen

28 Crisis Communications Management • Erin Terjesen

29 Developing Your Brand • Kat Smith

30 Metric-Driven Management: Harnessing Information in the Urgent Care Organization • Laurel Stoimenoff

31 Laboratory Overview • Tracy Patterson

32 Implementation of a Moderate-Complexity Clinical Laboratory • Lynn R. Glass

33 EMTALA in Urgent Care Medicine • Rachel A. Lindor

34 Engaging Accountable Care Organizations in Urgent Care Centers • John Harris

35 Urgent Care Imaging and Interpretation • Tim Hogan

36 Virtual Care • Ian Vasquez

37 Setting Up a Health-Care Compliance Program • Tracy Patterson

38 Audits by Managed-Care Organizations and Regulatory Agencies • Damaris L. Medina

39 Ensuring Patient Safety • John Shufeldt

40 Implementing Occupational Medicine • Laurel Stoimenoff

41 Measuring and Improving Patient Satisfaction • Sybil Yeaman

42 Evaluation and Management of Coding and Documentation • Sybil Yeaman

43 Additional Services in Urgent Care • Natasha N. Deonarain

44 Integrative Medicine • Marty Martin

45 Pediatric Urgent Care • Gary Gerlacher

46 Urgent Care Center Financing • Glenn Dean

47 The Future of Urgent Care • John Shufeldt


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